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About Amulayam Stores

Amulayam Stores is a fast growing company concentrated in F.M.C.G. and Personal Care products.

The key personalities of Amulayam Stores started the operations from Lucknow and built their reputation by providing quality products which touched the life of every common person and is still pursuing its efforts to spread the reach to people as much as possible. The company intends to touch the life of every common person right from the bed tea by introducing and maintaining the quality. The life style disorders when are growing faster in this world the company envisages its efforts to control and thus provide a better life to the public without changing much of their life style.

Amulayam Stores has introduced products such as Grocery, Home Care, personal Care etc keeping the importance of such products in the life of the public. We have also kept the focus of adding the products for Skin care which again becomes the major criteria in the life of many to keep the pace with the growth of world order.

Now, when the company assures you the quality and effectiveness, it also helps you to earn with the support of spreading the good message to your family and friends. Amulayam Stores believes that once you are happy you would surely take efforts to spread the message of the results of the products used to your other family members and thus help others as well to have a better life.

Amulayam Stores is working towards spreading the authentic Ayurveda formulas which are time tested for bettering the life of people around and thus to become the part of every family in this world of Competition and Success.

Amulayam Stores believes that as SUCCESS can not be spelt without U , the company can also get the Success with YOU only.

Our Vision

"Improve the human being through the wealth of health and a better life to enjoy"

Our Mission

To provide health and thus bring in wealth through it to all who are in quest for it.

To spread the good benefits of the Ayurveda and modern science to all who demand it.

To become a part of every family in their day to day life style and thus to improve their life and help them to improve the life of their family and friends.

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